This site used to be a one track mind website dedicated to cycling and skiing but recently I decided to change my focus to Product REVIEWS. I’m very critical, a little OCD  and… I really like to bitch 😉

10 years ago a Google search would return loads of useful information but now all you get it one long list of advertisements and sales pitches.  When is the last time you searched for information and actually found anything USEFUL?! NEVER. Most reviews are produced by paid outlets which promote products they have been PAID to review. When you do come across reviews in forums, many are from unpaid fanboys completely BLIND to reality, or screwed consumers that are too ashamed that need to justify their expensive purchases.

Not me. I’m fed up with all the fake news, the BS advertising, the horrible customer service. If I get screwed by a company that convinced me to buy their product with my hard earned money, I’m going to try my hardest to warn you about it.

My Rating system

Complete CRAP and waste of money.
Meh. It works well enough, and it was cheap.
Completely AMAZEBALLS.



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  1. HI

    I did a beautiful ride in the Dolomites in Italy last sunday but when I loaded my garmin 500 there is a big glitch after 16km which added another 9km on to my ride.Is there anyway to eliminate this glitch? I have tried the usual methods without success. I can send on the fit file.

    can you help Sean

  2. Hello,

    We would like use your photo “Caldarium Pompéi” for our little book about roman bath. It’s a free book of our assoication. Is It possible please ?

    Thank You

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