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You will find a variety of maps for each ride including profiles and route overviews, ride descriptions, and downloadable trips optimized for Garmin GPS units (Edge 800/810/820/1000). If you like printing your own maps, hi-resolution maps are available in PDF form.

I used a similar rating system used by the Tour de France for hills and gaps but it is a subjective evaluation based on perceived effort rather than by specific distances or gradients. I also tried to keep ratings relative between countries and regions, but if you really disagree with a particular evaluation, add a comment to the map page and if enough people reach a consensus I’ll make a correction.

I have ridden and verified all the files and maps myself so they should work for you as well – please let me know if you encounter any technical difficulties. If you enjoy the maps and find them useful spread the word to your cycling friends and feel free to donate to keep this site up and running!

How to use the maps

The KML files available for download (globe icon) are custom maps optimized for the Garmin Edge units. Once installed, the maps appear as graphic overlays over the default Garmin maps. These calibrated maps will show your relative position on the map but will not give you Turn-by-Turn directions. For Turn-by-Turn directions, you should use them in conjunction with one of the corresponding TCX file and a suitable rout-able map from Garmin or OpenStreetMaps. Download the KML file and copy it to the /CustomMaps folder of your Garmin Edge, and make sure that custom maps are Enabled in the Settings.

KML mountain bike maps will NOT provide Turn-by-Turn directions because most GPS maps do not contain rout-able trail data. However, they are highly accurate and will clearly show which trail you are on. If you use Maprika, the maps are also available for download by searching for the in the App.

TCX files contain elevation data that has been manually calibrated by referencing local topographic information. They also contain custom cue sheet entries with indications for Food, Descents, upcoming Turns (~100 meter warning), etc. These TCX files should be copied to your NewFiles directory on your Garmin GPS (Garmin will automatically convert the file to a .fit equivalent).


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