Paul’s Raleigh DL-1

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  1. Beautiful! I love my DL-1. He’s called Reginald the Flying Pig. Nothing compares to the grace of a Raleigh.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Great Bike! I just bought a 1958 Raleigh Superbe in the dark green… Don’t ask how much I paid.. lets just say it was love at first sight… Did you do the renovation on your DL-1 yourself? if so I would very much like to know some of the tricks you used… and any of the good resources you found as well. Thanks for posting such a great bike.. I hope to be sharing some of mine as soon as I get it bright and shinny like yours.
    -Cheers! – Will

  3. I have this same bike in the same condition, plus an old survivor that’s ridable, but not as prettty. They really are sweet rides. Yours is beautiful!

    1. Thanks ! I ride it a few times a year but it mostly stays in the living room. I have a daily rider but it’s not as nice…

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