We’re changing !

This site used to be a 1 track mind website about cycling and skiing but I have recently decided to reorient this website.

The web, and particularly Google and Bing have become so focused on selling us products that it is has become impossible to find any honest and unbiased reviews. When is the last time you searched for something and actually found anything USEFULL on Google ? NEVER. Any relevant results are produced by paid outlets which promote products they have been PAID to review. When you do come across user review in forums, users are either fanboys who will accept practically any flaw imaginable and die defending the brand, or consumers with fragile egos that will say anything to justify their expensive purchases.

Not me. I don’t care. All the products reviewed on this site have been paid out of my own pocket, and If I get screwed by a company that convinced me to purchase their crap  I’m going to do my damnest to warn you about it !

Rating system :

1 star – Full on RAGE. Complete crap and waste of money, spend your money elsewhere !!

2 stars – Meh – it’s ok. It works well enough and it’s cheap enough that I can live with it.

3 stars – It’s completely AMAZEBALLS. Stop the presses and tell everyone about it !

Why trust Monosujet reviews ? I don’t like buying crap. i hate companies that produce it, and I rage when companies don’t stand by their products. Most of the products reviewed on this website are high end; I like buying things once, it’s cheaper in the long-term and it’s more environmentally conscious. To me, a product should just work. Like an iPhone. Bad example to many geeks, but the truth is that iPhones (though not perfect),don’t require a user to spend hours messing with it to get it to work. No I can’t hack it with the latest linux version but with all the time I already spend on my phone why would I want to waste the rest of my time hacking it ?! The iPhone is constrained, but it just works, like my car, or my fridge. You get the point.

Monosujet. French for one track mind. Now 1-track mind product reviews. I’m not interested in everything and don’t own everything, so If you’d like to contribute a shitty or amazing product I don’t know about, please send me an email and tell me about your experience, and I will review your submission and consider publishing it on my website.