Ringwood Trail Map

My Ringwood Trail Map is finally available for download!


 It now includes:

  1. Cannonball Trail (Complete)
  2. Yellow Trail
  3. White Trail
  4. Ringwood-Ramapo Red
  5. Skylands Trail
  6. Warm Puppy Rock

The file is available for download as a Garmin Custom Map .kmz file and has been optimized for the Garmin Edge 800. To use it: download the .kmz file and copy it to the GarminCustomMaps directory and make sure custom maps have been enabled.

If you don’t own a Garmin Edge 800 you can still download the map and load it into Google Earth 🙂


The map is a work in progress and updated regularly and will eventually include all trails from the Ramapo Ringwood area. Please leave me any feeback or suggestions in the comments area below, or if you find any errors!



Bromont Trail Map

I won’t take credit for actually making the map, I converted the official 2011 Bromont trail map for use with the Garmin Edge 800. The map is a Custom Garmin Map and downloadable as in .kmz format. Simply download the file and copy it to your GarminCustomMaps folder!

If you don’t own a Garmin Edge 800 you can still download the map and load it into Google Earth 🙂




Leave My Lance Alone!

Call me a LA fan, but I don’t want to see Lance stripped of his Tour victories.  I like Lance, I’ve heard he can be a dick but who cares? He’s allowed to be – he showed the French how to win the Tour 7 years in a row; I like how an American cyclist kicked French ass year after year after year – did we all forget how awesome those 7 tours were?! Lance kicked ass!

Let the French try to get him on doping charges. Burn Novitsky at the stake instead for being a traitor. We’re spending millions of dollars to take down a national ‘hero’ in the name of fraud against the US Postal Service? Come again? Amazing all the harm those 7 victories did the US Postal Service. Sounds a little like trying to impeach Bill Clinton for getting a blow job (oh that’s right; he lied under oath… how high and mighty of us). Americans should stop trying to feel so good about themselves and just get over it.

The problem with the sport isn’t doping but the politics and egos of the people behind it. Who cares if Armstrong doped? Seriously. If Armstrong was the only one, then maybe, but they ALL dope and that puts them all on the same LEVEL playing field. Does it make Lance any less of a cyclist? No, he trained and worked at winning the tour harder than anyone else. Anyone who believes these superstars of cycling are cheats and should stripped of their victories should get a grip. They’re an elite group of cyclists that have the physiology other cat racers can only dream of. They didn’t reach their level by doping but through hard work; they are elite cyclists because they are the best.

Knowing their rivals all dope, what is an elite cyclist to do, take the high road? Because that’s what you would do? Good for you, so glad you feel better about yourself, but these guys aren’t YOU. They’re the best cyclists in the world, with millions riding in contracts and sponsorships, they have no other choice. They’re fierce, competitive, and have a burning desire to beat everyone else no matter what, and it makes for some exciting cycling!

Today’s cyclists are no different than they were 40 years ago. Are we really going to discredit Eddy Merckx, Poulidor and all the prior greats for the sake of righteousness? Are we really going to hand Lance’s tour victories over to Jan? Should Pereiro really be credited for his tour victory over Landis? Why should Lance come clean and lose everything he worked so hard for his entire life? Because we don’t like how doping makes us feel, for the greater good? Can we stop crucifying the riders and let them entertain us please? If we really want to clean up the sport, let’s go after the ones really accountable, the team managers who encourage doping and don’t stand behind their riders once they’re caught.

Just because everyone does it doesn’t make it right. But neither is targeting a few select riders. How is destroying the career of a cyclist by banning him improving anything? Give the riders a break. No matter how strict you are on doping you can never change human nature. The witch hunt is no fairer than if only a few riders were doping. Stop singling out individuals and control doping instead of banning it. Establish limits and continue testing riders and disqualify anyone above those limits. When the race is over, destroy remaining samples and move on to the next race. Continue the research and test for new substances the following year. ‘Cheating’ will continue but be controlled, riders will be treated fairly, and you and I can get excited about what matters most, watching our favorite riders duke it out in the Alps!

And please don’t get me started by asking about the message it sends our future athletes, or showing a concern for their health, or the message it sends our children. Our nation is made up of Coke guzzling Twinky eating McDonald loving couch potatoes who can’t even run a quarter mile or discipline their children. Take care of your own backyard and leave my Lance alone!



Until the next rant,





New Pictures – Raleigh Tourist DL-1

Finally got around to taking some pictures of my bikes! The Tourist is my favorite cruiser and this one is in particularly good condition; I picked it up last year from a guy in New Jersey who still had it in the box – unreal! It’s almost too nice to ride so for now it stays in my living room 🙂

Zipp 303 and Tufo/Jantex Tubular Rim Tape – Beware!

Since I’ve had good experience with tubular rim tape in the past (I used Tufo Extreme on aluminum rims when I rode l’Eroica last year and flatted twice – one so severe Stan’s sprayed everywhere – LOL – but using rim tape made replacing the tire a cinch) I decided to use the Tufo’s on my new Zipp 303’s…

until I went online and came across horror stories about carbon delamination! Several cyclists have trashed their rims while removing a taped tire as the carbon delaminates from the rim bed. Apparently, Tufo Extreme tape is just too sticky! Freaked out I took them off immediately (and carefully) and a flake of carbon (next to the spoke hole) came off with the tape!!!


When I chatted with a Zipp technician, he repeatedly stated that Zipp does not recommend ANY type of tubular tape (including Velox Jantex – I specifically asked) :

We do not recommend ANY tapes – they all tend to pull the carbon, add weight and increase your rolling resistance

My delamination was insignificant but the tape was only on for less than a week.

Repairing a Garmin Totals.fit File

Every so often the Edge 800 will misread a satellite coordinate and think you’ve traveled to the North Pole… which has the really annoying side effect of screwing up the device totals. Garmin doesn’t give you the option to correct the error, so I created  a little utility to update the Totals.fit file.

Download FTRepair


  1. Plug in the Edge 800
  2. Make a backup of your Totals.fit file (GarminTotalsTotals.fit)
  3. Run FTRepair (Download FTRepair)

If you find FTRepair useful – please leave a comment below 🙂


Garmin Edge 800 – Cracked Screen

I’m not going to give an in-depth review of the Garmin Edge 800 – DC Rainmaker already has it covered. Most reviewers conclude it’s a great device and I mostly agree, except for the very fragile screen that is prone to scratches and cracks.


  • Touchscreen is very intuitive and a pleasure to use.
  • Touchscreen works suprisingly well; the virtual buttons are large and precise even with mittens at -20°C.
  • The unit is very reponsive (much more than my Nuvi 550).
  • Excellent bike mount, very secure, can’t imagine how the unit would ever fall off a bike.
  • Quick satellite acquisition and great reception even in the woods.
  • Custom maps created in Google Earth!


  • The touchscreen is extremely fragile and succeptible to chips and scratches. I’m not sure if this is an early production issue but the edges of the screen can easily be chipped with minimal pressure from a fingernail. I found this out while trying to remove a piece of debri stuck between the screen and outer bezel (strangely enough there is a 1/2mm gap between the two). When pressure is applied to the screen around the edges, it chips. The screen is also easily scratched and already has several hairline scratches from my gloves. I don’t know how the screens are manufactured but if they are cut to shape, the stress from cutting might be weakening the stuctural integrity of the plastic around the edges. I called Garmin (stellar customer support by the way) and they are replacing the unit at no charge. I asked them if the screen was more fragile than other models and the technician didn’t seem to think so. I hope Garmin is aware of the issue and has corrected it on current and future production units. If the screen itself cannot be strengthened, the outer bezel overlap should be increased to cover the edges of the screen by 1 mm to remove the gap. This would prevent dirt and debri from accumulating in the gap in the first place. If you must clean it, gently use the edge of a piece of paper to get inside the gap, then rinse or blow it clean (disclaimer: Garmin rates the water resistance as IPX7 – your mileage may vary). I would also recommend a protective film but again be careful with the amount of pressure when applying it.

If your unit has suffered from a chipped screen like mine, please leave a comment below with your unit’s serial number or simply send me an email at  . With your help and feedback we’ll have a good idea of what range of units were affected.



Although the Edge 800 is a fantastic device, I have a hard time recommending it until the screen issue is resolved. The Edge 800 is meant to be used outdoors on road and mountain bikes, but the screen is VERY fragile and can’t take the abuse even from the slight pressure of a fingernail. I’ve only used it for 10 days commuting to work. What will happen when I take it mountain biking and skiing?

Garmin Support

Garmin customer support so far has been second to none. My Nuvi 550 was destroyed on a cycling trip to Italy last fall when the Garmin scooter/bike bracket snapped; Garmin warrantied both the bracket and GPS no questions asked.

– Paul