Bernina 790+ suggested improvements

Pinpoint Placement improvements

Background  : I make athletic shirts with an embroidered logo on the sleeve and use pinpoint placement to compensate for imperfect hooping of the sleeves. 
Problem : Pinpoint placement changes the size of the original design when both the vertical AND horizontal positions are misaligned. Several tutorials on the web (and the pinpoint placement section in the Bernina Embroidery Workbook – page 26) explain how to compensate for improper hooping while maintaining the original design size but they are incorrect.
The procedure is the following :
 1) Draw a crooked vertical and horizontal (intersecting) line on your fabric to simulate imperfect hooping.
 2) In pinpoint placement, choose the “grid alignement” method
 3) Select the grid center point (point 1) and align it to the center point on the fabric (intersection of the 2 lines) . Hit Set.
 4) Choose point 2 (left center point) and align it with the horizontal line using only the LOWER adjustment knob only. Hit Set.
The design is properly centered and aligned, but it is NO LONGER the same size as the original design.
The problem is that when you align point 2 to the horizontal line, it is being extended in a STRAIGHT path effectively stretching the design, when instead point 2 should be rotated in an ARC towards the horizontal line. On screen it does appear to be rotating but the software (firmware) is increasing the size (vertically) to compensate for the horizontal increase to keep the original design proportions.
Proposed Solution : It would be VERY useful to have an “easy peasy” method of compensating for hooping misalignment. This additional option would essentially allow you to ROTATE the design to a known horizontal line and center point on the fabric while keeping the ORIGINAL size of the design:
1) As described in the Bernina Embroidery Workbook, you begin by draw your center vertical and horizontal lines on the fabric.
2) Select the center grid point as point 1 and define it as a Pivot Point,
3) Turn the adjustment knobs to align this Pivot Point (point 1) to the center point marked on the fabric, hit Set.
4) Choose the Left or Right grid center point (point 2) and use the LOWER adjustment knob ONLY to move the second point in an ARC to intersect the horizontal line (thus rotating the design around the pivot point WITHOUT modifying the size)
In fact after discussing this at length on several Bernina forums, I believe most people think this is the way pin point placement actually works.
The current “work around” requires transferring 2 known design points to the fabric and aligning them with pinpoint placement to their corresponding grid points (or “free” points depending on the pinpoint method being used). But it is a bit of a kludge and not nearly as precise or quick as the proposed solution.

Proposed Stitch Editor Improvements 

  • When designing satin type stitches, it is impossible to make them tightly spaced and the editor automatically replaces tightly spaced stitches with TRIPLE stitches, it would be very practical to bypass this builtin “safety feature”.
  • Add the ability to integrate the Density Selector from the i-menu for custom satin stitches so the user can change the stitch density of custom stitches
  • Add some additional advanced editing features and controls that would allow to program the length of a stitch using the “Reverse” button for the creation of custom button hole stitches, darning programs, etc.

Proposed Eco Mode improvement

Eco mode doesn’t actually turn off the screen. The screen turns black with Eco in the center, and the fluorescent tube remains ON. It would be nice to power down the actual screen to help preserve it. The red sewing light would remain on so that the user knows the machine is still on.

Proposed Presser Foot Selection Screen improvement

On any given project I typically switch between 2 to 4 different presser feet, alternating between 1D, 10D, 4D, and 26. It would be nice to be able to filter the long list of feet in the menu with a list of RECENTLY USED feet only – it could implemented as a small button next to the starred recommended presser feet button.


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