Bernina 790+ firmware bugs

If you haven’t read my review of the 790+, it’s an amazing machine and I gave it a VERY favorable rating. But the current firmware v37.40.42 still has several bugs that need to be addressed. If you know someone at Bernina please send them a link to this article. Dealers are supposed to send bug reports back to headquarters, but my dealer is a complete putz. If you discovered a bug not on this list please let me know about it in the comments section.

Bug list for firmware version v37.40.42 :

  1. There is a needle positioning problem using foot #4D. Since the foot is joined at the center, positions 0 -1 and +1 are invalid and cannot be used, and valid needle positions begin at -2 and +2. The problem is that positions -2 and +2 are in fact CLOSER to the CENTER of the foot than positions -1 / +1 and the edge of the needle touches the center of the foot. You can see this odd behavior when moving the needle from position -2 to -1 or from +2 to +1, the needle actually moves OPPOSITE to the expected direction. Selecting position -1 or +1 actually brings the needle further OUT and far enough away from the center to prevent the needle from rubbing on the foot, however those positions are invalid and the machine cannot sew. Positions -1 and 1 should really be removed and the needle should directly move to position -2 or +2 and at the current physical location of positions 1. This appears to be a firmware issue and can also be reproduced using the 790+ simulator.
  2. There is a cutter related bug using foot #4D. The cutter does not engage at needle positions -2 and +2. The foot goes up and down but the thread cutter is not activated and a presser foot error message is quickly displayed. Strangely enough, if you set the needle to position -1 or +1, the thread cutter engages correctly. I have consulted several other users that have experienced the same problem.
  3. The safety feature that prevents you from sewing with the wrong foot does not work with foot #4D. If you select foot #1C in the menu but instead attach foot #4D, you can still move the needle to position 0 and smash the needle into the center of the 4D zipper foot.
  4. When embroidering and you want to bring the bobbin thread up by pressing the “needle down” button, the presser foot will randomly go down and back up again without dropping the needle. A second press is required for the needle to drop and pull the bobbin thread back up as expected.
  5. When I try to calibrate the embroidery hoop, the machine freezes.
  6. In multi-directional sewing, it is impossible to accurately change directions. When you stop to change direction, there are always a couple of extra stitches  sewn in the previous direction before changing to the new direction. This makes it impossible to precisely sew along a line or design on the fabric such as a square. There is also a tension problem when sewing left and right, the bobbin thread often appears on the top of the fabric.
  7. In sewing mode the green light stays green in Eco mode.


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