Bernina Custom Stitch – Bandaid v1.0

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Update February 23, 2019 : I updated this stitch to 1.1 to fix a problem with the original stitch. There were a couple of stitches that were too close together + a misplaced triple stitch segment that could cause the stitch to hangup and “get caught” sewing in place causing a thread knot. Apologies to anyone who may have had this problem with the original stitch.

This is a great little decorative stitch you can use to patch small holes in your jeans or other clothing. The best way to use is to first repair the hole with the darning program, and then cover it with the bandaid stitch. This stitch comes as a 2 stitch pack that includes bandaid “end pieces” to sew seperately to form an X (see images below). It includes beginning and end tie downs so you do not have to add them yourself.

Tip : like the darning program this stitch works best with the automatic button hole foot 3A.

Tip : Use the “i” setting to specify a stitch count of 1, or press the “Pattern End” button before starting the stitch to sew a single band-aid.

Tip : Test the stitch FIRST on a similar piece of fabric . This stitch uses a Tatami fill that is relatively tight and depending on the fabric and stabiliser used it could sew too tightly and sew on itself and create a thread knot. If this happens simply lengthen the stitch to an appropriate length.


Installation Instructions in the Bernina Repository

Sample stitch out using default settings and Schmetz Microtex 70/10 needle.


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