Bernina Stitch Repository

This repository was created to encourage users to create and modify stitches on their Bernina sewing machines and to share them with their fellow Bernina owners đŸ™‚

You don’t need a fancy TOL 790/790+ or 880 to use the built in Stitch Designer, instead you can download the Bernina 790 or 880 simulators (PC-only) and modify stitches directly on your PC. Working on the PC is actually better than since you can use the mouse instead of the stylus. The custom stitches from the simulator can then be transferred to all modern 9mm Bernina sewing machines that have a USB port including the new 5 series (570/590) the 7 series (740/770/790), the 880 and even the new 4 series.

I’m working on an automated upload system but for now you can simply email me your stitches and I will manually add them to the repository (and give you credit đŸ˜‰Please include your name and a brief description of the stitch, any specific hints or tips to make it sew out properly, and if possible a photo of the sewn stitch.

Water Drop v1.0


Bandaid v1.1

Sashiko Roman v1.0 (7 stitch pack)

4 Leaf Clover v1.0


Bauhaus v1.0

Kiss v1.0

Bernina 438 Special

Sheriff Star v1.0

Sashiko Classic (coming soon)

Sashiko Ranch (coming soon)

Installation Instructions :

  1. Download one of the stitch files or packs above to your computer.
  2. If the stitch is part of a pack, extract the individual .exp files from the compressed zip.
  3. Copy the .exp stitch file(s) to a USB key
  4. Turn on your Bernina sewing machine and plug in the USB key.
  5. Go to your Personal/Favorites/Hearts folder, then click the small left arrow to expand the dialog box :
  6. Select Open Pattern :
  7. Select the USB key option next to the sewing machine icon :
  8. Select the stitchyou want to load :
  9. After loading your stitch, the file is still on your USB key, it’s a good idea to same the stitch immediately to one of your 4 Personal Folders.
  10. You must repeat this process for each individual stitch, so if you are installing one of the stitch packs, you will have to repeat the process for each included .exp file.


I'm currently on unpaid leave to take care of my mother with late stage dementia, so if you enjoy the content on this website and are enjoying my downloads (trail maps, custom Bernina stitches, dysphagia recipes, etc.) please make a small donation to keep this website alive. Thanks :-)

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