Sashiko Roman – Bernina custom stitches

This stitch pack for 9mm Bernina sewing machines contains the 7 classic Roman Numerals sewn as a triple run stitch with 0.5mm connecting stitches. These stitches are perfect for patching worn out jeans or adding a decorative “Sashiko look” and are best sewn using WHITE thread. The very short connecting stitches help them disappear into the fabric making the triple stitched Roman Numerals appear to be sewn individually. As a finishing touch you can use a dark blue fabric pen to make the connecting stitches disappear completely.

To use these stitches, first download the compressed zip file below and extract the 7 individual .exp stitch files to a USB key. Then transfer them to your Bernina sewing machine by saving the 7 stitches to one of your 4 Favorite/Heart folders.

These stitches are best used in Combi mode using the “+” button like shown below and can be combined with tie-downs between each stitch to make them even more secure.

Download stitch pack – Sashiko Roman V1


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