How to modify Bernina stitches without the Stitch Designer

You don’t need a Bernina 790 or 880 to use the Stitch Designer on your 740/770/570/590 or other 9mm Bernina sewing machine with a USB port. Just download the 790 or 880 simulator and modify or create new stitches directly on your PC ! And you can even use your mouse instead of the stylus to draw your stitches ! When you’re done simply copy the stitches from your simulator’s “virtual” USB drive to your physical USB drive and transfer them to your sewing machine.

You can also do this in reverse and modify existing stitches on your machine (like a 570/590) : save the stitch on your machine to your USB key in the favorites heart folder, then copy the stitch file over to the simulator’s virtual usb drive. Modify the stitch in the simulator and copy it back to your sewing machine !


  1. Download the Bernina simulator from the Bernina website
  2. Launch the simulator and create a new stitch, click the green “Save” check mark :

    Design Your Stitch
    Design Your Stitch
  3. Go to the Heart “favorites” and save the stitch to USB :

    Save Your Stitch to virtual USB
    Save Your Stitch to virtual USB
  4. Open the virtual USB drive by clicking the usb stick icon in the simulator.
  5. It will default to the virtual USB Embroidery directory (EBY_PC_CARD), so move up a level and go into the virtual USB sewing directory (SEW_PC_CARD) :

    Choose SEW_PC_CARD directory and copy your stitch file
    Choose SEW_PC_CARD directory and copy your stitch file
  6. Copy your new stitch file to your real USB drive and copy it over to your sewing machine !


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4 Replies to “How to modify Bernina stitches without the Stitch Designer”

  1. I would like to do a similar save but from the 590 simulator. There are novelty and seasonal stitches that would be easier to save than recreate in the stitch designer on my 790. I’ve tried it but haven’t been successful. Have you tried this? I commend you for jumping right into the learning experience with your machine. I love my 790!

    1. There’s no Stitch Designer on the 590 so you have to save the stitches from the 590 simulator to the favorites/heart USB folder and then copy them to the USB folder on the 790 simulator and open them from there (When you save on the 590 you click the heart, save, then hit the left arrow to maximize the dialog box to see the USB icon on top next to the sewing machine icon). Just remember that when you click the USB drives button on the simulators that they open the embroidery USB folders by default (/EMB_PC_CARD); you need to move up one folder and copy them to the sewing USB drive (/SEW_PC_CARD).

      Good luck! I’m trying to create a.centralized repository of custom stitches for Bernina users to share – if you create some nice ones I can add them to my website 🙂

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