I live in Canada and regularly visit my folks in the US once a month. I bought a factory unlocked iPhone 4 (not a jailbroken one) thinking I could use it with a prepaid card when I visited the US – I didn’t know what all the AT&T-bashing was about until I went to an AT&T store over the weekend…

I bought a “Pay as You Go” data plan with 100MB/$19.99. When the ‘sales associate’ installed the sim at the store, I could place a call and send a text message but was unable to access data (email, web, etc). After farting around with it for over 30 minutes, the AT&T employee eventually called a support technician and was told that data plans for iPhone 4s were not supported on any AT&T Prepaid cards! So I say to the guy “ok, we’ve messed around with it for long enough and you’ve tried to make it work, now can i have a refund and call it a day?” Simple enough right? Not really. “We don’t refund Prepaid cards”. Come again? So I say “but I just bought the card 30 seconds ago, from YOU, you took my cash and said it would work, I haven’t even left the store!” “Well, I thought it would work, but it doesn’t, and we don’t offer refunds on prepaid cards, so it would have to come out of my own pocket.” 

There was a day I would have thrown a shit fit. I might have become more the wiser, but probably just more the complacent; either way what little rage against the machine I had left wasn’t enough not to make me feel bad for the guy, so I kept the card and transferred the $20 to a voice-only plan.

At least I get to bash AT&T on my blog…

AT&T sucks. The whole North American cell phone industry sucks. I took my iPhone to Italy in the fall of 2010 and bought a prepaid SIM from WIND:

10 Euros for unlimited data for a month !

Rant aside, are there any Prepaid cards/SIM that will work with an unlocked Canadian iPhone 4 in the US?!


PS – F   AT&T!!!


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